31 de mai de 2013

Dream Out Loud: Conheça a grife da Selena Gomez

Bom meninas, já falamos sobre a grife Dream Out Loud... Mas hoje vou mostrar as roupas e os seu preços (em dólar e em real). Confira algumas fotos:

Our girl Selena Gomez looked more than camera ready on the set of her Dream Out Loud shoot. She embraced the current floral trend wearing a pair of Dream Out Loud Skinny Floral Pants in color Powder Puff. These pants are on sale from Kmart.com for $14.40.
Buy it HERE.
We’re still waiting for her blouse to come into stock.
Adorei esta calça florida, parece ser tão confortável... rsrsrs ($14.40- R$ 30,77)

We caught a glimpse of Selena Gomez shooting the campaign for her Dream Out Loud 2013 Spring line late last year and finally these Dream Out Loud Lace Trim shorts are available on kmart.com for only $6! 
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She’s also wearing a Dream Out Loud top
Que lindo este shortinho pra dormir e custa tão baratinho... ($6- R$ 12,82)

We caught of glimpse of whats to come for Dream Out Loud’s Spring 2013 line a few months ago and its finally available! Check out Selena Gomez in this Dream Out Loud Dove Lace Trim Tank Top. You can find it on kmart.com for $7.
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She’s also wearing Dream Out Loud shorts

Esta blusinha é linda... E é toda estampada com o símbolo da marca! ( $7- R$ 14, 96)

Selena Gomez loves her denim vests so its only fitting that her clothing line would have them too, right? This Dream Out Loud Junior’s Studded Denim Vest comes in colors medium wash and sangria (a fiery redish color) and its available for only $20 exclusively at Kmart.
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Esse colete é lindo mas confesso que o preço não nos agrada muito. ($20 - R$ 42,80)

Color skinny jeans are very in for the fall season. Selena Gomez modeled her own Dream Out Loud Color Skinny Jeans for the collection’s Fall 2012 spread.  These Jeans come in a selection of four colors, and are an affordable $22.00 exclusively at Kmart!
Buy them HERE.
She’s also wearing a Dream Out Loud Junior’s Crepe Blouse

Essa calça é muito linda, a cor também...($22.00- R$ 47,08)

Selena Gomez let her hair down for a fun, vacation-themed photo shoot for her own label Dream Out Loud’s Fall 2012 Collection. In this shot she wore a Dream Out Loud Junior’s Flocked Bow Crepe Blouse in Moroccan Blue. This top is also sold in white and pink (our favorite is the Pearl Ivory!), and can be yours for an easy $12.00 from Kmart.com!
Buy it HERE.
Check out the commercial for her new DOL range, available in Kmart now!

Essa blusinha é muito fofa, e o laço complementou o look...($12.00- R$ 25,68)

In the new Dream Out Loud Spring 2013 campagin, Selena Gomez showed off this cute Dream Out Loud Floral High Low dress in color ceramic. You can find it on kmart.com for only $20. 
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Esse vestido é muito lindo, é maior atrás e menor na frente, isso dá um charme a mais no look...($20- R$ 42,82)

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